Submit a Facial scene to us and get paid money :) Just make sure to read these FAQ first.

What are the age restricitions?
Well everyone featured in the video must be 18 years old. We require proof in the form of 2 government ID's. No exceptions.

Can I sell the video elsewhere at a later date?
No you are transferring full ownership to us, that's why we are paying you :)

How long should the video be?
The longer the better, more personal you make it the more we pay.

My gf is ok do a sex tape but won't take a faical what are my options?
Best option is get a new gf, as all our videos must contain a facial. Its in our site name :)

How much do you pay?
Well it varies on each video, you send us a sample and we'll give you an estimate. The hotter the girl or the bigger the load the more we pay.

How do I get a decent load size?
The main way is to hold back a few days before shooting, build up a bit. Also drink plenty of water!

We can answer any more questions and details you might have just send an email to: webmaster { at }