Kelsey Gets a Reminder - 19 - Nevada - Submitted by DannyDoesIt
Kelsey is nervousKelsey braces herselfDon't forget us!Pass the girl a towel
19 year old Kelsey won't forget this facial very easily. We pay a few $$ extra for facials with fan signs in. Adding this little reminder to her already glazed face earned Danny an additional $15. This girl is one of the best cock suckers on this site, decent technique.

Angie loves a facial - 18 - Rhode Island - Submitted by Charly
Cute AngieCute girlsSelf PicWith my friendsJizz bombSweet facial
Angie is a great girl. We love the pics she sent from her myspace account, with a sweet lillte note about how she loves our site. To be honest we don't really care about all that though because she also sent a nasty video of her taking a big facial. She was a week behind on rent, we helped out!

Chew My Gearstick- 20 - Kentucky - Submitted by Dodge the Ball
Drive in the countryChewing on the gearstickEnjoy the loadNow thats a face full!
A quiet trip in the Kentucky countryside turns into a sticky surprise for 20 year old Alana. She starts off munching cock in the car then they park up and her fella drops a massive load on her. Submission glady accepted, now hopefully they can afford the gas for their 1989 Dodge Ram.
"We are turning away more facials than we can handle. One guy submitted his wife, but we didn't like it so we told him to find a black guy to drop a big load on her instead. His house was being repo'd so he did it and submitted :)."
2 Facials 1 girl - 18 - UK - Submitted by Horny FrankSubmission rejectedStroking poleFirst squirtFinally a  real money shot
Mandy's guy is broke. He submitted a video and was begging for the cash straightaway. This was an opportunity. So we told him to dump another load on her face again but this time do it better. It worked and we got 2 for the price of 1.

Load me up! - 19 - Canada - Submitted by Davy Gravy Submission rejectedStroking poleFirst squirtFinally a  real money shot
Julie from Canada gets her donut glazed to the point of overload. On our FAQ we advise submitters to abstain from sex for 2 to 5 days to build up a decent load. Davy gave it the full week, we rewarded his patience :) This is a monster of a facial. Enjoy :)

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Load me up! - 19 - Canada - Submitted by Davy Gravy Submission rejectedStroking poleFirst squirtFinally a  real money shot
Blondes love facials. It an unwritten law that if you are blonde you like man juice smeared all over your gace. This girl is a serious cock monster, shoe looks like she can take more than one the way she goes at her man. She can easily take all this guys got.

We pay cash! $$$ and in this economy you can't beat that. You can earn up to $1k if your load is up to our high standards. (Bob from Nebraska please stop the submissions of your mum.)

Girl with no bf? We have members all over who we can send to give you a facial. We pay you cash, they get gas money and the next month free.

Pixie in the laundry room - 18 - Ohio - Submitted by Rockin Rob
Bum bumHola!Drink it :)Grabbing beersHahaNIce titsBig loadSlamming facialOwned!
Normally we ask people to submit their girlfriends and earn cash. Rob needed the cash so bad he didn't wait to get a girl of his own he found one in the laundry room. Pixie is not experienced at all, a bit of a cock novice. But she can still smile with a load on her face. Probably not smiling now.

Mixed submits
Pre Cum?Smile :)A n FFront bumChomp chompTingle twatMmmmmm tastyOle!
We get ALOT of submissions. We can't give them all a ton of space but here is a mix of some of the ones we have had in the past.
PS. Your sister is top row second from the left.
Lil Miss Mexico
Bum bumHola!Drink it :)Grabbing beersHahaNIce titsBig load
A guy called David was travelling through Mexico and met this hottie and filmed all the action. Of course he tried selling it to us, we think he was on the run or something. We didn't have to pay a lot for this pink taco.
Mixed submits
Pre Cum?Smile :)A n FFront bumChomp chompTingle twatMmmmmm tastyOle!
More self shot hotties and gf's draining cocks. You'll love seeing these girls. Almost as much as the guys love to cream them :)
Sammie gets an eyeful- 20 - California - Submitted by TexMex Tom
Get loaded!Happy girlSmoking poleDoggy dogJizz bombSweet facialRocket cum!Eye eye!
Sammy is a party girl, we can tell that from the party pics we ripped from her Facebook account to go with the facial video her boyfriend sent. Thats the good thing about getting the girls ID we can do some searching for more stuff of them, and most of these sluts have more stuff trust me.
Budget Daisy! - 19 - Canada - Submitted by Bob aka Micro DickNot the best lookingStroking poleFirst squirtFinally a  real money shot
When you are dealing with real amateur submissions two things can happen. First we get a lot of girls submitted who are not up to standard. Second a lot of guys out there are hung like mice. We do not pay top dollar for scenes like this. I think this guy got $100, mainly out of pity.
College Girl gets Dorm Room Action
College funSmile :)A n FFront bumChomp chompFacial funGood loadClean it up.
This is a great facial! This college hottie is calm and quiet, perfect tits and a nice smooth pussy. I don't think she really wanted to get a facial but she doesn't seem to mind when her guy wipes his cum all round her face.
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